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4 Signs Your Pool Enclosure Should Be Replaced

4 Signs Your Pool Enclosure Should Be Replaced

Some Southwest Florida pool enclosures have seen better days. You might have moved into a home that had an existing structure. The previous owners may not have kept up with proper maintenance and cleaning. Or, storm debris could have created stress, holes, and tearing in the screen that might not be noticeable to the naked eye.

Whatever the specific scenario, pool enclosures that have been abandoned or otherwise fallen into disrepair create a health and safety hazard for your pets and loved ones. Read on to discover what to do when it’s time to replace your pool enclosure.

1) Something Seems Off

If you know where to look, there are many noticeable warning signs that pool enclosure replacement is necessary. For example, patches of shiny white on the screen typically signal the material has reached the end of its natural lifespan. Rather than apply patches or attempt a short-term solution, it’s best to consider a total replacement. High-quality aluminum pool cages in Cape Coral feature sturdy mesh fiberglass screening.

Tears or holes by the pool enclosure frame are also a sure sign that the problem will only get worse if left unattended. Algae growing on the screen creates health complications for people and pets. Failing fasteners could lead to unsafe situations.

If you notice damage or something just seems off, it’s best to contact a trusted and reputable firm well-versed with pool enclosures in Fort Myers, Florida. Our skilled and qualified professionals can offer valuable advice on your options.

2) Pool Enjoyment Just Isn’t the Same

Along those same lines, you and/or family members might have noticed that spending time in and around your pool simply isn’t as enjoyable as it once was. Your pool enclosure could be partly to blame. Thankfully, updating your existing structure to a high-quality aluminum model is a straight-forward and affordable process.

More than mere shade cover, pool enclosures provide a wealth of other benefits. That includes a heightened sense of rest and relaxation, better connection with nature, and more. Plus, pool cages in great condition help diminish dirt and debris and deter pests and bugs. They keep kids and pets safe in well-defined boundaries.

In addition, your home’s property value benefits from a high-quality pool enclosure on site. Any REALTOR® will tell you that aesthetics remain important. Even if you don’t plan to sell, neighbors and visitors will be impressed by your pride of ownership.

3) Recent Damage

As mentioned, ignoring damage to your pool enclosure could result in an unsafe scenario. Why risk the safety of your loved ones and pets? If you suspect the integrity of your property structures have been compromised by severe weather or other situations, it’s best to contact a skilled and qualified firm to inspect the damage and provide valuable suggestions on the best ways to move forward.

Outside of storms, even heightened heat and humidity could put undue stress on your existing pool cage. This summer has been unseasonably warm in Southwest Florida. Now that temperatures are getting cooler, it’s an ideal time to inspect your screen and consider a full replacement.

4) You’re Ready for a Change

Sometimes there’s nothing visibly wrong with your pool enclosure, but you’re just in the mood for an upgrade. Your home should reflect your unique personality and lifestyle, not someone else’s vision. Plus, no one wants an outdated or awkward-looking structure on their property. There might also be other property enhancements you could have completed at the same time. That saves you both time and money.

For more than six decades, we’ve assisted people across Florida with all a variety of home improvement projects. That includes awnings and shutters, screen rooms, carports and patio covers, Florida room additions, retractable screen systems, and much more. In addition, we’re proud of our solid reputation as one of the premier window companies in Naples, Florida. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your property look better than ever.  


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