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Fort Myers Florida Rooms: 4 Ways

Fort Myers Florida Rooms: 4 Ways

Want to enjoy your surrounding landscape even more? Say hello to your new friend- the sunny Florida Room.

The sunshine state is a great place to live in, so why not have a room dedicated to its beauty? At White Aluminum, we think Florida room additions are a must for any house, let us tell you why…

Overall beauty

Florida rooms create a comfortable room that offers natural lighting by bringing the outdoors inside.

This new versatile living space can transform what was an unused room, or porch into a dining area or entertainment room. With the right furniture and décor, this room will increase the attraction, beauty, and value of your home in no time.


A common misconception people have is thinking a sunroom and Florida room is the same. But really, the way we do it at White Aluminum, there are big differences.

A sunroom allows you to enjoy the surrounding landscape while being sheltered from the adverse weather Florida has. On the other hand, a Florida room allows you to run lighting, electrical, and plumbing to enhance your living space. You can add a mini kitchen, bathroom, cable and much more to a Florida room.


You may think how can a room full of windows protect me, but White Aluminum offers a variety of safety windows that have the ability to protect you from harsh weathers, sounds, and lighting.

Just think, if you don’t want to sit outside because of unpredictable weather patterns, bugs, or privacy reasons then just lounge in your Florida room. Even Florida sees some cold weather, and definitely some hot summers, which is why you need this addition so you can enjoy 365 days of year-round use and outdoor living.

Added value

When you’re in the market to sell or buy a home, it’s always nice to have added features, and that’s exactly what these Florida rooms do.

Instead of having a house with a porch or patio, wouldn’t it be nice to have a house with both an additional room and outdoor seating? It’s easy to add a Florida room to a home, so if you’re thinking of resale value it may not be a bad idea to go this route.

With all of this in mind, you may already be thinking about adding this to your home. That’s no problem- we are ready whenever you are. If you’re still on the fence about it all, give us a call anyway to set up an in home consultation- no commitment needed.

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