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How to Prepare Your Garage for Hurricane Season

How to Prepare Your Garage for Hurricane Season

As you work to ensure that your home is protected against potential summer storms, there’s one space you may be forgetting—your garage! Though it may not be a traditional living space, your garage should be protected like any other area of your home. It can also serve as an asset for hurricane preparedness! Just read on to learn how.

Use your garage to store your vehicle

One of the biggest ways your garage can serve you during a storm is, of course, by keeping your car safe from the elements! This can prevent your car from being damaged by debris during the hurricane (and is doubly beneficial if your garage is elevated from your driveway and street, since it will reduce the risk of water damage, too). If you do decide to store your car in your garage, avoid turning it on when the door is closed. Pull into the driveway even if you’re waiting for your car to warm up (or, more accurately here in Florida, cool down) to keep everyone safe at home.

Of course, not everyone has a garage large enough (or empty enough) to store a car, and that’s okay! Parking your car on high ground is advisable, as is taking advantage of shelter structures like carports which offer an added degree of protection.

Bring outdoor toys, gear and furniture into your garage

Your garage can also serve as a convenient spot to store outdoor items you don’t want flying around in the wind—think larger toys, bikes and outdoor furniture sets. Even before a storm is forecasted, you can prepare by clearing away space in your garage; this way, should a hurricane develop, you can easily bring those items inside. (Tip: vertical storage and ceiling racks help keep items out of the way, creating more room in your garage!)

Stock up

You’ve heard about creating a hurricane “stockpile” of sorts, and purchasing essentials like dry food, drinking water, batteries and more well in advance of a potential storm. But where do you keep it all? If you’re tight on pantry space, your garage can be a great alternative. Dedicate a separate shelf or container to these storm-centric items.

Add hurricane shutters…

It’s easy to forget about hurricane shutters for our garage windows! If your home has small windows on your garage wall, be sure to outfit them with shutters before the storm arrives.

… and a garage door brace

Of course, your garage door itself can benefit from being fortified against the elements! Even though your door is made of sturdy metal, it can still be damaged or bent by high winds and debris. Help keep it strong during the storm by installing a garage door brace from White Aluminum & Windows Fort Myers, which is designed to keep your door upright—no matter what the weather outside may look like.

Is your garage prepared for hurricane season? If not, don’t worry—we’re here to help! For garage door braces and storm protection solutions like hurricane shutters in Fort Myers, White Aluminum & Windows Fort Myers is able to help with it all. Backed by 60 years of passion and experience, we will be able to craft custom solutions for your unique space during hurricane season and beyond. Just call us today to learn more.

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