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Why Your Property Deserves Screening Solutions

Why Your Property Deserves Screening Solutions

The use of screening on both public and private properties dates back decades. Even the earliest Florida pioneers used a form of screen to keep out bugs, and as a protection from the elements.

Today, the screen around your home provides sunlight protection, improved security, increased enjoyment of your residence, heightened property value, and more. In addition, screen is easy to maintain, and could even contribute to energy and climate control savings. Read on to discover some of the other main benefits of screen in and around your home.

Comfort and Relaxation

We’re lucky here in Southwest Florida to enjoy sunshine and a temperate climate nearly every day of the year. Still, it’s tough to truly enjoy the day when you’re constantly swatting away insects, or having to wipe sweat from your brow. Thankfully, high-quality mesh fiberglass screening can help.

If you already own a screen room, you’re well aware of the joys that go along with having your morning coffee on the back porch, or experiencing the sights and sounds of nature on a leisurely weekend afternoon. Now, you can take that satisfaction to a new level by installing screen elsewhere in and around your property.


While it’s true that screen doesn’t totally block sight, the tightly-woven design makes it difficult to see what happening inside. That means criminals and curious neighbors won’t be able to sneak a peek into your Florida room.

In addition, creative use of screen on your property can create an ideal transition space. For instance, during times of inclement weather, you can still spend time in the Great Outdoors with a pool enclosure or similar structure.

Safety and Security

As mentioned, screen helps keeps bugs away from your personal property and loved ones. More than mere annoyances, insects often carry life-threating diseases. That means without screen in and around your home, you could be inadvertently welcoming in a serious health risk. Why put your family and pets in harm’s way like that?

Instead, just as Naples windows and doors protect your residence from high winds and severe weather, screen solutions help keep those you love most from falling into dangerous situations. In addition, screen can easily create distinct boundaries. That means you could fashion a pet play area, child’s hobby room, home office, exercise space, guest accommodations, and more.

Home Improvement

As a responsible homeowner, it makes sense that you’re motivated to continually keep the state of your residence in great shape. You might visit home improvement stores regularly, or check out the latest trends on television shows dedicated to property upgrades.

Whatever your passion, it’s nice to return home to a pleasant-looking property after a long day at work, school, or other occupation. Now, you can take that focus to a new level by exploring all of the innovative property enhancement solutions available to you.

For more than 60 years, we’ve been a recognized leader in Florida home improvement. That includes awnings and shutters, Florida room additions, louvered roof systems, retractable screen systems, pool enclosures, Safe Harbor, and much more.

We’re also well known as the premier outlet for replacement windows in Fort Myers and throughout Southwest Florida. Contact us today to learn more about how simple, straight-forward, and affordable it is to install screen solutions in and around your property.

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