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Should I Replace or Repair My Windows?

Should I Replace or Repair My Windows?

Today’s windows are built to be impact-resistant and resilient to the elements. They can withstand severe weather and minor damage. But that doesn’t mean that you’ll never have to replace a window.

Over time, the integrity of the window and frame can be compromised by humidity, fluctuations in temperature, house shifting, and just simple wear and tear and daily use.

Often, a window that should be replaced looks — from the outside — like it can simply be repaired. However, “quick” repairs can turn into major projects if the root of the problem isn’t addressed.

Here’s how to tell if you should repair or replace windows:

Assess the Situation

Depending on the number of windows in your home, total replacement could turn into a costly endeavor. That’s why it’s important not to make hasty decisions.

In cases where just the glass itself is affected (baseball through a window), you can often get away with replacing the glass only. This process is referred to as ‘reglazing.’

There are times, however, when total window replacement will be necessary. For instance, there’s no repair option when the seal on a pane of double-glass windows is compromised. If the problem is ignored, air and moisture will enter. This is what causes an “inside fog” that’s impossible to clean off.

When window frames become warped, they must be replaced. Otherwise, the entire window structure can quickly fall into disrepair, creating an unsafe situation for both your family and property.

Many homeowners simply live with windows that won’t open. This is unsafe and is a problem that should be immediately addressed. While caused by various factors (foundation shift, frame deterioration, windows painted shut), the only solution is total window and frame replacement.

On the other hand, if air and moisture seep in despite the window being fully closed, you likely have a sealing issue. This can often be resolved with a simple repair. If you’ve noticed your energy bills seem higher with no increased usage, leaks are the likely culprit. Contact a qualified window specialist to address the issue.

Know the Risks

It’s easy to put projects on the back burner, particularly when windows look fine and seem to be working properly. However, windows and frames in disrepair often lead to larger complications.

That includes the risk of mold, which thrives on water and humidity. Though sometimes subtle, mold is typically visible on and around windows as a black tarnish. Mold is harmful to window structures, and more importantly to the health and wellbeing of your loved ones. Scientists have linked mold to allergies and respiratory problems.

Improperly-sealed windows also create an airflow issue. Especially in the hot Fort Myers summers, mixing cold and warm air can affect the immune systems of your loved ones, making them more susceptible to viruses.

Ask the Experts

It’s possible that your windows both look and function well, but their age warrants an upgrade. New technology provides energy efficiency that is beneficial to the environment and saves you money in the long run.

Modern windows are designed to provide natural sound-proofing. Unaffected by traffic noise, neighborhood pets, and other loud disturbances, you can enjoy near silence inside. In addition, today’s window innovations include other features such as protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays. These features contribute to the overall comfort and safety of your loved ones.

With more than six decades of experience in windows and aluminum structures, our professional and knowledgeable team offers a wealth of home improvement solutions. From windows and frames, to sunrooms, handrailings, pool enclosures, storm protection, and more, we can improve and upgrade your property to meet every want and need.

Contact us today to discover why we’re the trusted choice for countless Fort Myers homeowners.

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