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Do You Need to Prepare Your Florida Pool for Winter?

Do You Need to Prepare Your Florida Pool for Winter?

The process of winterizing a pool in Florida is a stark contrast to other areas of the country. Since we still get to enjoy warmer weather relative to other states, there is no need to do as much to treat your pool. Below, White Aluminum dives into greater detail about the necessary steps you need to take to ensure your pool stays in great shape until spring.

Remove All Pool Accessories

First and foremost, you absolutely must remove all pool toys and floats from the water. Additionally, if you intend to use a pool cover, then you can make your life much easier by removing all ladders and handrails. Furthermore, anything that collects water can be used by mosquitoes as a breeding ground, so seek out anything that holds water and be sure to empty it if it’s not in use.

Clean the Pool

If pools are not cleaned frequently enough, then algae and debris can build up and cause some dangerous pump clots. In order to thoroughly clean your pool, you should skim debris from the surface, vacuum up sunken leaves, and brush the pool. In addition to that, you may benefit from backwashing your filter. Throughout winter, even if it doesn’t get that cold, your pool may still accumulate debris that will obstruct the filtration system and cause significant damage. That’s why it’s important to stay on top of cleaning!

Check Your Chemicals

Each week, be sure to check your pool for chemical balance and add whatever is needed. Usually, colder weather preserves pool chemicals for longer, so fewer chemicals are necessary during this time of year. When temperatures dip into the 60s, then it is safe to cut back on chlorine usage. Regardless of the changes that occur, it’s important to keep your pool balanced.

Run the Pump

Pool pumps must run longer in the summer but get a welcome reprieve in winter. That said, pumps should still run four to six hours a day to make sure all algae is pumped out and plumbing stays in good shape. If you see green in your pool, then don’t hesitate to run your pump for longer! In the case of a freeze warning, consider running your pump overnight. This way, you can maintain the long-term health of your pool without compromising your pool pump.

Additionally, if you are worried about debris and algae accumulating in your pool, then White Aluminum has the perfect solution! We offer custom-made pool enclosures which will keep your pool safe from the elements and reduce the amount of time you need to spend on cleaning and maintenance. Give us a call today to learn more about our wide array of products!

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