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Pool Enclosures Fort Myers: Getting Your Pool Ready for Summer

Pool Enclosures Fort Myers: Getting Your Pool Ready for Summer

Summer wouldn't quite be summer without splashing around in the pool and soaking up rays on the deck, every chance you get.

Is your Fort Myers home ready for the months of fun ahead? Take a look at today's blog to see some of the simplest ways to swim into the season with ease!

Use landscaping smarts

A fun, luxurious pool experience takes place in the water--but it starts outside of it, on the deck and landscaped space that surrounds the main attraction.

As you stock up on sunscreen and pick out this season's swimsuit, also be sure to focus on maintaining (or creating) a healthy poolside landscape. One way to do this is to create a windbreak around your pool (with a row of hedges, for example) to serve as a sort of filter for dirt and debris and to lessen the rate of evaporation. Of course, aesthetics are worth considering, too.

Complement the cool blue hue of your pool with lush greenery and flowers that add to the style and aroma of your space.

Keep your pool clean...

Of course, you'll want to keep your pool clean so that it's ready for fun whenever you are. An obvious first step is to consult with a pool cleaning service--which is always a great idea--but there are ways you can keep your pool naturally cleaner, too. For example, trim overhanging limbs of nearby trees so that leaves and seeds are less likely to fall in the water (or replace them altogether with palms and other species that are "cleaner"). Another great option is to install a pool enclosure around the pool itself, so that leaves, seeds, debris, bugs, etc. never have a chance to make it in the water at all. This step will help you enjoy a cleaner pool that, as an added perk, is less likely to lose water (and warmth) to evaporation.

...and safe

Pool enclosures help keep your water clear--but they can also make your pool a safer place to swim! They make it harder for pets, kids, and other unaccompanied guests to swim in your pool without you knowing.

Another great safety option is the addition of a handrail to your pool. It, too, can serve as one more barrier between your pool and unsupervised swimmers. Everyone deserves the chance to enjoy a cool swim on a hot summer's day, but an enclosure or handrail can help you ensure that they only do it on your watch.

At White Aluminum, we're here to help you turn your Fort Myers home into a resort-worthy getaway with pool enclosures, handrails, and much more. Call us today to learn more!

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