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What Windows Work Best in a Kitchen?

What Windows Work Best in a Kitchen?

This holiday season, the greatest addition to your kitchen can’t be found in a box or bag. It’s daylight… and lots of it!

Flooding your kitchen with natural light provides a warm, bright ambiance—the perfect backdrop to seasonal kitchen adventures—and lets you save on your energy bill every month. What’s not to love?

Take a look below as we explore some of the best kinds of windows for your kitchen setup!

Wraparound windows

One of our favorite ways to let lots of light into a kitchen? Wraparound windows! If your kitchen shares an exterior wall, you can replace upper cabinets with a shining row of windows that are sure to let in plenty of light and, of course, natural beauty. By swapping out those traditional upper cabinets, you also achieve a minimalist, airy feel that keeps your kitchen from feeling too closed-in.

Picture window

The name says it all! A picture window provides an easy way to frame your favorite outdoor views. It’s an excellent use of an empty wall, and can provide ample light in spots like your breakfast nook or kitchen counter, where you crave as much brightness as possible for detailed food prep tasks.

Sliding glass door

Another great use for a spacious wall is to install sliding glass doors, in lieu of traditional windows. You have the space… why not make it more functional, providing easy passage in and out of your home and onto the patio or backyard.


Can’t spare the storage? You can still add windows (and the bright, powerful light they deliver) without sacrificing wall or storage space—just look above you! Skylights, or even windows perched out of your field of vision, still do a great job of providing the light you need and crave in a kitchen.

Feeling inspired? For more information on how to add these windows (and more) to your kitchen, be sure to call White Aluminum & Windows Fort Myers today! We’ve got you covered with custom windows, impact windows, and every option in between.

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