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4 Reasons Why Your Ft. Myers Home Needs a Vinyl Sunroom

4 Reasons Why Your Ft. Myers Home Needs a Vinyl Sunroom

Sunrooms, patios, and porches provide us with an extra space of our home that allows us to get closer to nature – so why not make it as good as it can be? Vinyl rooms offer all the familiar benefits of their aluminum counterparts with some irresistible advantages. If you are considering adding a sunroom or improving the outdoor space you already have for your home, allow us to explain why a vinyl room is the right way to go!

Much Lower Wear and Tear

Vinyl rooms are built to withstand the toughest environments outside, as well as any damages that may come from the inside. Aluminum rooms require regular maintenance because they are prone to scratches, dents, and other unsightly markings, whereas vinyl rooms are resistant to all! Vinyl maintains its beautiful, fresh appearance well into the future because it does not crack, oxidize, or rot. The only cleaning that your vinyl sunroom will require can be done with a hose, soap, and a soft-bristle brush.

Higher Energy Efficiency

Aluminum rooms are notorious for providing ineffective insulation, which means fluctuating levels of heat in your space and increased energy costs to stabilize them. Vinyl rooms address these issues by coming designed to be easily heated or cooled, making them ideal no matter the time of year. This is helped in part by our unbreakable acrylic windows, which promise an added layer of security in addition to efficient insulation. For these reasons and more, vinyl rooms are built to stand up to any temperatures and keep you comfortable.

Better Views of the Outdoors

One of the biggest benefits of sunrooms and other outdoor spaces is the privilege of getting to have a front row seat to mother nature within the comfortable boundaries of your own home. Naturally, many homeowners want to maximize this experience with grand windows and clear sightlines, but aluminum rooms limit that because they are restricted to set window sizes. Each vinyl room is custom built and designed to optimize these features for the homeowners, meaning that windows and wall structures are built to be the exact size needed and resulting in a better view.

Improved Looks

Not only will a vinyl room serve you and your needs better than an aluminum room ever could – it is going to look much better while it does it, too! Many aluminum sunrooms utilize exposed screws in their construction, which can rust and stain over time and look unsightly. Vinyl rooms utilize a unique fastener system that is designed to remain out of sight so that your beautiful outdoor space will keep its sleek look for a long time.

Vinyl rooms featuring durable windows are a popular option for our Ft. Myers homeowners for a number of reasons, but the most obvious are the minimal maintenance required, unparalleled insulation, and top-notch durability. Plus, they promise an incredible experience with the great outdoors each and every time. Be the next to upgrade and contact your local experts at White Aluminum in Ft. Myers for a free quote!

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