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5 Gourmet Additions to Your Kitchen This Fall

5 Gourmet Additions to Your Kitchen This Fall

Fall is the season of good food… and even greater company.

To enjoy them both, you need a kitchen that’s up to the task! A space that’s as apt at entertaining as it is cooking up a crowd’s worth of sweet and savory fare.

In today’s blog, we will be sharing five smart kitchen additions that can help you achieve such a space.

Wraparound windows

If any room in your home deserves a brightening treatment, it’s the kitchen! Nowhere else can bright, powerful daylight make such an impact: on the preparation of food itself, lighting the way as you chop, slice, and sauté the evening’s meal; but also on the environment of your space, which will become instantly warmer and more welcoming with the addition of more natural light.

If your kitchen cabinets run along an exterior wall, you can consider replacing your upper cabinets with a row of bright, beautiful windows. Adding windows above your sink or counter area is another great idea!

Ceiling storage

For kitchens that are short on space, or whose cabinets are stuffed to the brim with ingredients for family dinner, ceiling storage offers an easy solution! You can easily hang up pots and pans from above for easy access and a gourmet look that can be spotted in celebrity kitchens and cozy, chic restaurants.

A multi-functional island

Many kitchens have an island, but sprucing yours up this fall is a great way to make it more functional! A wheeled island is perfect for at-home chefs who crave flexibility and impromptu food prep in the kitchen, dining room, and wherever else they might find themselves! If you have a spacious, stationary island, adding a couple of bar stools can help make your kitchen (and the process of cooking!) more social.

A beautiful backsplash

A backsplash is a stylistic choice with functional benefits. Swapping out traditional wallpaper or paint for a more ornate mosaic tile design, for example, can make it much easier to clean up sauce splatter and other kitchen messes as they happen.

Room for overflow

If you love playing host, a sunroom or room addition might be worth considering this fall! Some added room for overflow can help you add tables or food prep stations for large family gatherings, so you never have to worry about a growing guest list!

You may not be able to find these additions in the kitchen gadget aisle… but we think they’re just as worth considering as you prepare for fall eats and family fun! Be sure to call White Aluminum & Windows Fort Myers today to see how we can help.






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