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Carports: Covering Your Car This Storm Season

Carports: Covering Your Car This Storm Season

When it comes to unpredictable weather, Florida takes first place.

As longtime Fort Myers residents, you’re familiar with summer weather going hand in hand with storms.

Even if your garage has little storage, White Aluminum is here to tell you there are ways to make more. Keep reading to find out why your home needs a Carport.

Damage control

Think about it, your car is more than a mode of transportation, it’s what allows you to get things done, and if you’re like anyone else you probably put a lot of hard work and money into getting it.

Even if Florida sees a lucky season and the heavy storms are minimal, there is still heat damage to consider. Having a carport will prevent things from falling on top of your car and provide an extra layer of heat protection so you can enjoy your car’s life even longer.

Rust away

There is nothing worse than having your new car depreciate due to rust- but some weather conditions in Fort Myers make that inevitable.

With carports, you have more protection from moisture that rain, ocean spray, and sprinklers bring. In addition to rust prevention, covering your car during summer seasons will allow it to cool down faster and be safe from wind, hail, and heat.


While you’re still a single family or have young kids a one or two car garage is compatible. But, if you need extra storage or room for more cars as the kids grow then you may be searching for more space.

Rather than renovating your entire house to make it more automobile friendly, carports are the next best thing! White Aluminum offers many designs and styles that will adhere to the structure of your home. Not only will it look great but it will give you that extra needed space and heat protection.


Believe it or not, carports are a great support against criminal activity. Even though carports are not fully enclosed like a garage, their outdoor nature- when well lit- can act as a deterrent.

Garages are an enclosed area and with enough security and locks can be very safe, but the idea of it being in an unexposed area away from the house makes criminals feel more comfortable. Carports will keep criminal activity away from your car because of the visibility.

Aside from the above features, carports are great for many reasons. With White Aluminum’s advanced designs and technology not only will they add storage to your home, but they will add style and value. Anytime you are ready to make this feature a part of your home, give us a call!


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