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Fall Fun for Your Florida Sunroom

Fall Fun for Your Florida Sunroom

Crisp air, spiced pumpkin, warm blankets – the sum of fall, all enjoyed in places as cozy as your home.

This exact atmosphere is what your Fort Myers Florida Sunroom can provide, so if you don’t have one already, now is the perfect time to get one. Why is this easy addition exactly what your home needs this fall? Keep reading…

It brings home entertainment to a whole new level

If your family is anything like many others, then your holiday parties grow each year – and that’s no problem! By adding some extra space, you can easily continue hosting family and friends without a worry. Say hello to extended Halloweens, thanksgivings, birthdays and more!

It eliminates unused space

Sad to say, but not everyone uses their porch as much as they should. If you find this problem in your home consider turning that space into a versatile Florida Sunroom. Forget about tree cleanup, or sweeping out dirt and dead leaves – instead, enjoy a cup of hot tea as you watch the sunset through your new transparent room.

It allows you to enjoy the outdoors…

Although summer may be the season of long days and outdoor splendor, fall in Florida doesn’t have to be much different - there is still plenty of time to enjoy the great outdoors. Adding a Florida sunroom to your home won’t make you feel cooped up indoors as it brings you closer to nature and right next to the things you love – fresh flowers, lush grass, and crisp blue skies.

…from the comfort of your own couch

The best part is, you can enjoy all nature has to offer while still feeling the cozy touches of your fall home. Say goodbye to picking between the two and enjoy the best of both worlds! Work from home, study for a test or take a nap with the trees and sun right on your comfortable couch. For those cooler days wrap up in a throw blanket against large pillows and you’re set for hours.

It can be a decoration heaven

What better way to kick off the new season than by highlighting the season itself? With your Florida Sunroom, you can combine your décor with everything nature has to offer.

Place candles and lighting along the windows of the room and arrange bouquets of flowers that compliment your outdoor greenery. The best part is – each season offers a new palette for you to play off of. Ready to add this classic charm to your home this fall? Call White Aluminum & Windows Fort Myers to get your new project started!

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