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Our Favorite Design Ideas for Your Naples Sunroom

Our Favorite Design Ideas for Your Naples Sunroom

Your Fort Myers or Naples sunroom offers your relaxing or entertaining space protection from the elements - and it can also be the perfect place to showcase your one-of-a-kind Sunshine State style! Just read on as we share some of our favorite design ideas to try in this beautiful room addition.

Bring the outdoors in

You love your sunroom because it can shield you from the elements outdoors, including extreme Florida heat - but you can also enjoy the best parts of the outdoors, such as a collection of houseplants that are sure to thrive in the sunroom environment. 

Create a nap corner

There's nothing like a warm, cozy nap in the sunroom! Create a comfy corner with a window seat or relaxing sofa, as well as other touches like a small bookshelf of your favorite pre-nap reads. You can even add a fluffy bean bag chair, old-fashioned chaise lounger or even a hanging seat from above!

Remember your furry friend

You love soaking up some sunshine - and if you have a furry friend, you can be sure that they do, too! Fido is sure to love catching some zzz's in your radiant new sunroom. Consider setting up a pup corner with your pet's food or snacks and a comfy bed where they can unwind with ease. 

Opt for a light, breezy backdrop...

In general, we find that we love sunrooms with a subdued theme - think crisp, creamy linen hues and other neutrals that let the colors outside speak for themselves. There's a lush world of color out there to enjoy (without having to actually, well, go "out there.")

... but don't be afraid to get artsy

With that being said, you should still feel free to experiment with sparing splashes of color and art in your sunroom! Unlike other rooms in your home, you won't be hanging up pictures and paintings on your sunroom's walls - that's what the gorgeous, expansive windows are for - so instead, you might consider adding pops like a statement lamp, colorful rug or fun DIY display of rainbow-ordered books, to name just a few ideas.

For sunrooms, screen rooms and additions of all shapes and sizes, White Aluminum Fort Myers is at your service! Contact us today to get started on this exciting project.

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