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How Do Impact Resistant Windows Protect You from Storms?

How Do Impact Resistant Windows Protect You from Storms?

The need for storm protection is essential for homeowners living in Fort Myers. Without taking the proper precautions, hurricanes that come from the Atlantic basin can cause significant damage to windows, doors, and roofing systems. New technologies are constantly advancing the world of home protection, and utilizing the best defenses is key. Read on to learn how impact resistant windows will keep you safer this hurricane season.

How Do Impact Resistant Windows Work?

Impact resistant windows rely on physics instead of technology to offer their exceptional degree of protection. We can explain this with some simple science! While a storm rages outside, the atmospheric pressure rises. However, windows keep the pressure of your home sealed inside. Stronger storms bring higher pressure and greater differences between the pressure inside and outside of your home can cause greater damages.

Impact resistant windows use laminated glass and exceptional design to offer greater protection against storm-force winds than standard windows. Within these windows, the laminated glass contains two separate pieces of glass with a layer of special resin between them. This way, even if something causes the laminated glass to break, the window as a whole remains intact and protects your home from dangerously high levels of pressure.

The Significance of a Strong Frame

The laminated glass of impact resistant windows isn’t the only thing lending itself to their efficacy. Weak window frames can give in during a storm and let fierce winds in, but impact resistant windows boast strong, durable frames. This way, the frame itself is unlikely to break no matter how violent the storm gets outside.

Furthermore, impact resistant windows utilize weather stripping to keep moisture out of your home. This feature embodies the “bend but don’t break” approach to home protection. Window frames may bend during severe weather, but weather stripping is put into place to keep the outside sealed out no matter what happens to the frame. Over time, window frames may shrink or crack, but weather stripping will continue to prevent water damage in any storm.

Which Situations are Impact Resistant Windows Useful In?

During a hurricane, the speed of the winds by itself is not a major concern for the health of your windows. Instead, it is the debris that gets sent flying by storm-force winds that can break windows. Standard windows will likely shatter if struck by a flying branch, item of furniture, or other outdoor objects.

After a window breaks, then the interior of your home is susceptible to significant water damage. Hurricanes typically bring a torrential downpour of rain that can get in through a broken window and saturate the walls and floor. Water damage is not easy to repair, and it may lead to mold growth as well. Impact resistant windows are one of the best lines of defense that you can invest in for your home to prevent hurricane-related damage.

Impact resistant windows are ideal year-round for more reasons than these, as well. Given their efficacy at preventing storm damage, consider that home intruders won’t stand a chance either. Plus, you are sure to save on your upcoming energy bills, too. Interested in learning more about installing impact resistant windows in your home this hurricane season? Reach out to the experts at White Aluminum today – we can provide a free quote for all our storm protection features.

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