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How to Prepare Gutters Ft. Myers FL for Severe Weather

How to Prepare Gutters Ft. Myers FL for Severe Weather

Each hurricane season grows more dangerous than the last and gutter preparation is a crucial strategy to ward off damages from severe weather! Nearly 80% of damages done to homes is to their roofs. Clearing and maintaining gutters can help reduce structural damage and redirect water flow away from your home during a major storm. The more prep you do now, the less damage you’ll face – just read on to learn how to get your Lee County gutters ready!

Clean Out Your Gutters

Before your home feels the first gust of wind from a major storm system, it is absolutely necessary to clean out your gutters! If you aren’t comfortable getting up that high, consider hiring a professional to inspect the condition of your gutters. You can use any of the following strategies to ensure a full clean:

  • Use a leaf blower to blast all debris out of the gutters.
  • Purchase a gutter cleaning kit that can connect to your leaf blower.
  • Scoop out all debris with a garden trowel or gutter scoop.

After the gutters are emptied, be sure to remove all debris from the roof itself as well. Otherwise, this debris can wash into the gutters when it rains and clog them again.

Check the Condition of Your Gutters

Apart from being clean, it is just as important to inspect the condition of your gutters. If any of them show signs of breaking or falling apart, they will not be as effective at doing their job during a storm. They may even blow completely off during hurricane force winds! Apply a gentle pressure to the gutters to make sure they are secure enough to stay up during a storm.

Test Your Gutters

Never wait until a hurricane to see if your gutters are working properly. If there is anything compromising the integrity of your gutters, they are likely to make things worse for you and cause damages to your home in severe weather. Consider running water off your roof and watching to make sure that the gutters drain it properly. While on the roof, keep an eye out for any missing, warped, or broken shingles. Then, inspect the inside of your home for any possible leakage around where the gutters are outside.

After cleaning out your gutters and ensuring that water can flow freely through them, your home will be ready to take on the season’s next hurricane. For further assistance equipping your home with storm-proof assets, reach out to the experts at White Aluminum! We offer a range of storm protection products – including hurricane shutters and replacement windows Ft. Myers – that are sure to minimize damages and maximize comfort. Schedule a free in-home consultation with us today to learn more!

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